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Licensed By Singapore Police Force:  L/PS/000001/2023


Insurance Private Investigator

There are many such cases that we handle that involve false claim against company or insurance.  It may be for work injury, accident etc.

If you suspect fraud related to an insurance claim, it is important to take the following steps to address the situation:

Explore the possibility of hiring a private investigator: In some cases, insurance companies may decide to use their own in-house investigators or hire external investigators to look into suspected fraud. However, you can also consider hiring a private investigator independently. They can assist in gathering additional evidence to support your case. Be sure to choose a licensed and reputable investigator who specializes in insurance fraud investigations.

We will closely with your insurance company and legal counsel throughout this process. They can guide you on the specific steps to take and help ensure that you follow the appropriate legal procedures.


Private investigators play a crucial role in helping to solve fraud insurance claims by conducting thorough investigations. Here are some steps they might take during the investigation process:

  1. Gather information: We will collect and review all relevant information related to the insurance claim. This may include documents, photos, videos, and any other evidence provided by the client or insurance company. They will also interview witnesses and involved parties to gain more insight into the claim.
  2. Conduct surveillance: Surveillance is a common method used by private investigators to gather evidence in insurance fraud cases. They may discreetly monitor and document the activities of the individuals involved in the claim. This can include observing their daily routines, interactions, and physical capabilities to determine if they are faking injuries or engaging in deceptive behavior.
  3. Background checks: We may also perform comprehensive background checks on the claimant and other relevant parties. This can involve verifying employment history, educational qualifications, financial records, criminal records, and any previous insurance claims. The purpose is to identify any patterns of fraudulent behavior or discrepancies.
  4. Cooperate with law enforcement: If we uncover evidence of criminal fraud, we may share their findings with law enforcement agencies. This collaboration can help facilitate legal action against the individuals involved in the fraudulent activities.
  5. Prepare a comprehensive report: Once the investigation is complete, we will compile a detailed report containing their findings, evidence, and conclusions. This report can be used by the insurance company or legal professionals involved to support their case.

It's important to note that each case is unique, and the specific methods used by private investigators may vary depending on the circumstances. They follow strict legal and ethical guidelines during their investigations and work closely with their clients and relevant authorities to gather credible evidence.

Overall, Eyes Private Investigators is a highly reputable and reliable investigative firm that has helped numerous clients with their matrimonial cases. They prioritize confidentiality, professionalism, and integrity, ensuring that their clients receive the highest level of service and support.

Common Cases of Insurance Fraud

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Foreign Workers Fake Injury And Claims

When a worker fake an injury or claims, MOM will step in and issue them with Special Pass.  During that period, employer are still liable for their accommodations, food, lodging and salary.  But many workers go and work outside illegally to get some fast cash.

This is where we come in and if they are working outside illegally, we will gather information, photo, videos of them working.  We will the work closely with MOM and the insurance company.

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Scenario 1
Foreign worker A informs that he injured his arm while working. He went to hospital, get MC for few months and continue for therapy, follow up etc.

But every morning, he leaves home early and comes back at night. Employer suspects something is not right and engaged our service.

We did our ground work, surveillance and caught the worker working at another site with no legal paper or pass. We gather evidence eg videos and photos and help to submit to MOM on behalf of employer.


Scenario 2

Worker B injured his back badly while at work.  He is on wheelchair and makes a claim against the employer for lost of income etc.  Company came to us and ask us to investigate this worker.

We did a surveillance on the worker B  for a period of time and found him to be walking around his area without wheelchair. At one point of time, we saw him kicking the ball around with his children. He even went for fishing trip with his friends.

All evidence gathered was handed over to the company and it helped them to lessen the claims.

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Cost of the investigation

Differrent case need different duration of time and manpower to investigate. Rest assure that we never overcharged our client.


End Of Ops

Once we have gathered enough evidence, we will give detailed Reports, Log sheets, Photos & Videos to our client for their subsequent legal procedures.

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If needed, we will attend court as witnesses for our client.

We always safeguard the confidentiality of our Clients at all times.

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