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Licensed By Singapore Police Force:  L/PS/000001/2023


Private Investigator

Eyes Private Investigators is a highly experienced investigative firm that specializes in a range of investigative services, including matrimonial cases. With their team of highly trained and skilled investigators, they have assisted numerous clients in resolving complex matrimonial issues.

Matrimonial investigations are a highly sensitive area of investigative work and require the utmost discretion, confidentiality, and professionalism. Eyes Private Investigators understands the sensitive nature of such cases and approaches each investigation with the highest level of care and sensitivity.

One of the most common matrimonial cases that Eyes Private Investigators handles is infidelity investigations. In such cases, the investigators use various techniques, including surveillance, to gather evidence of a cheating spouse. This evidence can be used in divorce proceedings, child custody cases, or simply to bring closure to the affected spouse.

Eyes Private Investigators also handles cases related to pre-marital investigations. They conduct background checks on individuals before marriage to ensure that they have no criminal history or undisclosed marital issues. This can help prevent complications later on and ensure that both parties enter into the marriage with full disclosure.

Another area of expertise for Eyes Private Investigators is child custody investigations. They work closely with clients and legal professionals to gather evidence and information that is necessary in determining the best interests of the child. This can involve conducting interviews with witnesses, monitoring the activities of the parties involved, and gathering other relevant evidence.

In all matrimonial cases, Eyes Private Investigators is committed to providing their clients with the information and evidence they need to make informed decisions. They work closely with their clients to understand their needs and concerns, and they use their expertise and experience to provide effective solutions.

Overall, Eyes Private Investigators is a highly reputable and reliable investigative firm that has helped numerous clients with their matrimonial cases. They prioritize confidentiality, professionalism, and integrity, ensuring that their clients receive the highest level of service and support.

How We Handle Matrimonial Cases

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No Obligations Discussion.

When we receive a matrimonial case, we will have a complete discussion with our client to get full details of the other party, the objectives of the investigations, and overviews of the case.

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Questions & Answers

We will ask some important questions so that we can do the investigations smoothly.  We do not want to bother the client and keep calling them every time. So we will gather everything need in this meeting


Plan & Executions

We will brief clients on our Ops strategy and how we are going to conduct the surveillance.  Upon client approval, we will proceed on the next steps.

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Agreement & Payment

Once agreement is signed and payment received, we will execute the plan immediately.  We will proceed to give LIVE updates to the client. Photos and videos will also be taken during the Ops


End Of Ops

Once we have gathered enough evidence, we will give detailed Reports, Log sheets, Photos & Videos to our client for their subsequent legal procedures.

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If needed, we will attend court as witnesses for our client.

We always safeguard the confidentiality of our Clients at all times.

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